This is the latest work of Jack Robert Photography. Worldwide photographer based in Greenville, South Carolina. 

I'M PUBLISHED! And I'm official!

Hey Y'all!

I've been involved with photography since high school, but until recently I never pursued it as a career. About a year ago I was given access to a nice camera (thanks, Josh!) and opportunities to utilize it (Thanks Josh Wilson!), and soon realized that I quite enjoyed getting back into photography. I always snapped photos on my cell phone- which I think turned out quite well if you ask me!- but never wanted to jump into photography as a business because everyone and their mom has a photography business. What inspired me to start my own was the fact that people who want photographs will begin with the photographer that they know. 

Enter Jack Robert Photography. Currently my life consists of working at Swamp Rabbit Cafe along with running my photography business, creating videos for Take Heart Church, and having a life. Therefore I've been quite busy as of late, but it's been paying off. Some months ago, Swamp Rabbit Cafe had a staff party and officially opened up the new wood fired pizza oven. I decided to snap some photos of the pizza and the event, which in turn gave Swamp Rabbit some professional photos, and gave me some publicity. The local publication, Community Journals, wanted some photos of the pizza for an article. Take a guess at which photos were sent over? Some of my photos from that nite! Shortly after this I was contacted by Community Journals and they expressed how I was able to capture this event under relatively difficult photographing conditions, and asked me to start freelancing for them. I obviously was excited about this opportunity, and have been freelancing from them since! Below are a few photos of what's been published so far:

Greenville Journal- one of the publications my work was in.