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Vulcanalia V: Fire, Fashion, & Music Festival Greenville, South carolina

Well guys, better late  than never. This is my first blog, and I'm covering an event I went to a few months ago.

It just so happen I obtained some tickets to Vulcanalia Greenville without having a clue what it is. I did NOT have any expectation except for the fact that the flier said FIRE and looked like fire. The tickets were burnt around the edges, so it was a nice and creative first take. 

When I arrived, I was met with a plethora of creatively dressed people and a buzz of excitement. Guests and performers were preparing for the Cyber Upcycle Fashion Show for the End of the World, Little Lesley and the Bloodshots, Wasted Wine, Shufflebutton, and TimTv & the Secret Cirkus. I saw a few familiar faces, but the majority of people attending we're either unknown to me or dressed so outrageously I wouldn't know them anyways.

The Metalworking exhibit

The night progressed, bands played, the weather got colder, the fashion show commenced. The fashion show was most likely the first and certainly most creative show that i've attended to this date. The attire was generally broken down computer parts  or things of the digital age. Think keyboards, CDs, and old web cams. 

After the fashion show we all went into the freezing cold to experience the blazing hot fire show. This was my first time seeing TimTv & the Secret Cirkus. They displayed their talents with fire twirling, fire blowing and fire eating. Did you know you can learn these techniques and get involved with these creative people? Check out the Ninjaplex Facebook page to stay updated